Building Happiness Is Our Happiness



A generation with free mind, free conscience and free knowledge

Yapı Merkezi, has adopted the principle of, creating and sustaining a rich learning environment for children and youth whom are in possession of an inherently unique capability of enjoyable learning by all means and moments, and to set into motion their unparalled skill in meeting their survival needs; by creating their own sets of values and to use them in serving the ultimate benefit of humanity.

In today’s advanced technology and science age, contributing to the students intellectual outcomes by enriching education through a national and international identity, and equipping them as self confident individuals capable of expressing themselves on international platforms by keeping up to date with current national and international affairs as well as scientific and technological advancements; is one of the most important goals for Yapı Merkezi in the field of education.

With these goals in mind, Yapı Merkezi assumes a social responsibility by investing in the field of education for students to realize their potentials and develop own skills further through opportunities offered to them, teaching them how to establish a link between their experiences within school with the realities of the outside world, enabling them to acquire the right attitudes, information and skills they need to survive in a democratic society, raising their awareness of the existence of other cultures and beliefs and learn to respect them, as well as improving their creative and critical thinking skills.

Yapı Merkezi has joined forces with Youth Culture Services Foundation in 1993 with whom  a common awareness is shared  to set up the Nitelikli Eğitim Kurumları AŞ. (Qualitative Educations Establishments Inc) in order to set up and operate schools in Turkey. Irmak Schools commenced its educational life in 1995. The founding mission of Irmak Schools is bearing in mind the fact that every individual is equipped with differing talents, thus extracting the difference in each student. This makes up the foundation of the ‘making a difference’ philosophy of Irmak.

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