Building Happiness Is Our Happiness


Beauty is Achieved Through the Well Implementation of Productive Ideas

Yapı Merkezi has started from and has followed a path whereby it demonstrates a true commitment to delivering integrated, holistic design solutions in all the projects it undertakes. The company is among the rare few contractors in Turkey and abroad who maintain an in-house Design Department.

Today, the department sustains a core team which continues on the same track but mainly undertakes the production of tender stage conceptual designs and supports the project management teams of awarded contracts for the procurement and setting-up of application stage design services.

The Design Department also works in close collaboration with and benefits from YapıMerkezi’s R&D Department’s extensive and exemplary studies especially in the fields of ultra-high strength concrete, advanced concrete construction technologies, earthquake engineering, geotechnical engineering and tunnelling technologies. It is, thus, the department’s responsibility to continously assist in improving Yapı Merkezi’s technical knowledge assets and information technologies such as BIM, in order to foster “value by design” in all its undertakings.

Especially Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an innovative approach to the design and the construction. BIM provides communication amongst project stakeholders, while emphasizing efficiency, quality, scheduling, cost control and risk analysis.


All values that exist on this world have formed in an evolutionary process and they keep on evolving.

Our responsibility is to act in ways to provide continued progress by keeping the community that we belong to open to development and to evolution. Today, humanity has turned to producing and accumulating knowledge by utilizing science from solely producing capital and products. This transition requires that we stop conflicting with the ecology of our universe and start harmonizing with it. Harmonizing with the laws of nature means being civilized.

Design usually tends to resist and exclude the forces of nature from the building.

In this case, the shell of the building isolates these forces, insulates the inner spaces of the structure against exterior effects and it becomes necessary to provide comfort in these areas using mechanical systems that use a lot of energy. Such solutions are artificial and expensive.

However, the building structure and shell should be thought of as tools which can provide lighting, heating, cooling, acoustics and air quality suitable for the function of the building and living quality of its users by filtering, directing and reflecting natural forces and not resisting them. Such solutions are natural, economic and aesthetic.


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