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Virtuoso in Rail Systems

Yapıray founded in 1998 as an expertise company, increases its importance day by day, making good use of the experience from Yapı Merkezi as its intellectual capital. Since its foundation, Yapıray has carried the experience of engineering solutions on various projects to present time with its expert staff and machinery park. Yapıray's focuses on continuation of its frontiering position gained through the quality results in every single project it has overcome.

Yapıray has improved its products and services both horizontally and vertically with the principle of sustainability since 1998. Today Yapıray is the most important multifunctional rail systems company in Turkey, providing solutions in turn-key rail system projects, maintenance and repair of current lines, high-engineering designs, concrete sleepers, prestressed concrete bearers and LVT block manufacturing.

Yapıray Contact

Kısıklı Mah. Alemdağ Cad. Masaldan İş Merkezi No:60 E Blok No:5 Üsküdar, İstanbul
T: + 90 (216) 521 30 00
F: +90 (216) 505 54 21
W: www.yapiray.com.tr