Yapı Merkezi Holding

Building Happiness Is Our Happiness

Yapı Merkezi Holding

Buildıng Happiness is Our Happiness

Yapı Merkezi Holding Inc. was founded in 1998 with the object of strengthening and coordinating Yapı Merkezi Group development for the future. Yapı Merkezi Holding represents all the companies in the Group. The group companies have started to gather under the holding umbrella.

Yapı Merkezi Holding is responsible for managing and directing the group while integrating the basic functions of general administration and financial management.

Within this context Yapı Merkezi Holding;

  • Gives support to development and improvement in all her areas of activity by providing R&D findings and solutions and submitting these to the public use of the engineering world,
  • Supports group management and coordination of financial operations and techniques by company management functions with balance sheet management techniques,
  • Collects and processes basic and industrial statistics and provides the processed information as a basic input to the management,
  • Brings managerial dynamism and activity as a main management factor by monitoring and sharing the legislative developments, changes and adaptations,
  • Manages and coordinates the planning as a basic function for achieving the future, and thus facilitates the management of the future,
  • Perceives the institutionalization as a dynamic evolving factor, keeps in pace with all current developments and improvements in the industries involved and always keeps up to date the corporate integrity of Yapı Merkezi Group.
  • Provides processes to be efficient and activities to be focused on targets by keeping communication and coordination as top priorities,
  • Makes development and improvement efficient and permanent through coordination of financial resources.

Yapı Merkezi Holding Contact

Hacı Reşit Paşa Sokak No:4 Çamlıca 34676 İstanbul, Türkiye
T: +90 (216) 321 90 00
F: +90 (216) 321 90 13
W: www.ym.com.tr

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