GRP Pipe Production

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GRP Pipe Production


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In the production of GRP pipes, mainly ‘polyester resin’, ‘glass fiber’ and ‘silica sand’ are used as raw materials.

Taking the quality, speed and economy into account, Continuous Filament Winding Technique applied by Subor, is the most advanced technology among the various production techniques in Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipe production.

In this process, with the existing equipment, GRP pipes in diameters ranging from 300 mm to 4000 mm, in rigidity classes of  2500 – 5000- 10000 N/m² and with pressure up to 32 atm can be produced.

Minimum 50 years of service life …

Manufactured with corrosion-resistant, non-metallic material. Since corrosion is out of question, cathodic protection and additional isolation are not needed. For that reason, there are no operation difficulties and expenses.

Lightweight …

Weighs 1 / 10th of the concrete pipe, 1 / 4th of the steel pipe. Provides great savings in shipping since it can be transported as nested. Does not require the installation of expensive equipment. Installation is quick and easy.

Excellent hydraulic properties…

The Hazen-Williams surface smoothness coefficient (C) is 150. Since the friction loss is less, lower pumping energy is required. Compared to metal and concrete based pipes, it ensures the same flow rate to be passed with smaller pipe diameter. No lime or deposit formation.

Wide range of products appropriate for the project …

With the potential provided by continuous filament winding technique, SUBOR can produce at required length, pressure and rigidity according to the technical requirements of each project. Length: 12 m (Standard) / 0.3-15 m. (on demand) Diameter (DN) : 300 – 4.000 mm. Rigidity (SN): 2.500 – 5.000 – 10.000 N/m² Pressure (PN): 1- 32 Atm.

Service in each environment….

Can be installed above or under ground as well as underwater. Joint couplings with gasket provide total sealing. Stretching characteristic. Successfully applied in earthquake regions. In case of  renewal of the old lines (Relining), it can be installed inside the existing pipes. SUBOR GRP pipes are environment friendly.


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