Building Happiness Is Our Happiness



Science and Advanced Technology Built into Construction



Panelton® reduces non structural dead weight and brings lightness to your construction with its cavitated structure and brings economy with its high-speed production. It offers flexibility in design with the ability to cross large spans. If you need to produce the longest-term solution in the short term…

Industrially produced since 1985 with the American Spancrete license; prestressed, hollow core concrete panel PANELTON®, which is an acronym derivated from the words Panel and Beton, is a registered brand that has become a trademark within the construction sector with more than 2.8 million sqm of structural application.


Structures built with Yapıblok®; which is a modular concrete masonry element, are resistant against earthquakes, fires and all urban impacts. Walls that are constructed with Yapıblok® are maintenance free. 

YAPIBLOK is a modular, plaster andpaint free masonry unit manufactured with industrialized methods. Available in different colors and patterns for use as a load bearing structural element,the product is manufactured by Yapı Merkezi at the Lüleburgaz Plants under the “American Besser” license, in conformance with the philosophy of “Application of Science and Technology in Construction”. Yapıblok units are manufactured in two different thicknesses at 9 and 19cm, 4 main colors and 6 different types.


Preabricated Structural Systems

Prefabrication means repetitive, in-advance production of the construction elements in factories and plants. This technology can be used in the construction of an entire building as well as for partial application within the conventional systems. Prefabricated buildings produced by Yapı Merkezi are designed and constructed to have high earthquake resistance. The 102 prefabricated buildings constructed in the seismic zones by Yapı Merkezi Prefabrikasyon A.Ş. are undamaged.


fab-tek® building envelope technology provides you safety and living comfort that will last a lifetime owing to its strong structural well its advanced sound and heat insulation features.

fab-tek® Building System is a construction technology developed by the Yapı Merkezi in order to bring quality, speed and economy to the construction of buildings. A combination of the concrete modular masonry elements: Yapıblok® and Kilitliblok® with the prestressed flooring element Panelton®; fab-tek® is the building technology of the 21st century.

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