Building Happiness Is Our Happiness



Restoration Begins With Reverence to History

Restoration, as it is known and accepted, is a very specific design and implementation activity that aims to conserve, repair, consolidate and thus safely convey the remnants of earlier civilizations to the future generations.

With the intention to save and care for the buildings, Yapı Merkezi starting with the initial job in 1965, The Galata Tower, up to now has always taken part in repair, consolidation and restoration projects. Bastion 23 Old Ottoman Mansion in Algeria, Atatürk House in Thessaloniki, Old Mostar Bridge in Mostar and Sudan Turkish Tombs are the some examples of such works conducted outside the country the rest are realized here in Turkey. Yapı Merkezi also shares its knowledge on restoration, Turkish building crafts and architect Sinan’s work with others by presenting the results in international and national seminars and symposiums.

On all restoration works executed by Yapı Merkezi the principles of international convention were always adhered to, all the while adaptations of new technologies are encouraged as well. In other words, the preservation of the original fabric and character of buildings always being essential, modern technologies were utilized for structural analyses and for the details of consolidation works. Thus, developing specific solutions to give them a new lease of life by strengthening the structures against earthquakes and other peril.

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