Human Resources Applications

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Human Resources Applications

Yapı Merkezi is aware of succeeding in a work is furnished by means of the human resource potential. Strengthening this potential power leads the future of the company to be built on firm ground is also known by Yapı Merkezi.

The foundation of Yapı Merkezi Holding’s Human Resources Policies is based on the acquisition of cultural form by achieving beauty through knowledge processing and directing the creativity. Therefore Human Resources   applications   along this line are implemented and invested to the human potential.

The employment process  is carried out  in accordance the criteria specified in the Human Resources   Regulations, prepared  in accordance with the principle of "Equal Opportunity" after determining the work force  requirements in line with the company aims and  objectives. The principle objective is to employ the right  person in line company vision and policies  with the right qualifications and competence.

Training and Development 
This is based  on all types  of activities which increase and develop our personnel's occupational knowledge and the abilities to think, make rational decisions and contributes  to the enhancement  of their behaviour and approach to work, their habits and perceptions, in order to enable them to work more effectively  in their job. The managers annually evaluate their subordinates via the E-Performance Evaluation System  and select the appropriate technical, personal and management trainings, from amongst  the Yapı Merkezi Training catalogue  for the personnel in question and  inform the  Human Resources  Department. Annual training programs are applied to all departments within the company.

Performance Evaluation Management
This is a process which evaluates  and measures the personnel's individual successes and their behaviour  within a specified time interval  which represents the personnel's contribution to their department and their  position.

Career  Management
Career  Management aims to develop and promote the management cadre  from within Yapı Merkezi  by ensuring a match between the knowledge, skills, talents and experience  of the personnel and the training opportunities  offered  by the company.

Salary Management
This system  is based the management of all the factors specified in the evaluation of the remuneration of the company personnel in accordance with specific objectives by using company identified  methods and rules.

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