Monitoring, Control and Communication

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Monitoring, Control and Communication


Information and Communications Technology

Founded in 2012, Yapı Merkezi İDİS (Monitoring Control & Communication Systems) Inc. leverages Yapı Merkezi’s strong expertise and the ability to deliver innovative, cost-effective and award winning projects to the road and rail transportation industry. 

YM IDIS consolidates the depth and breadth of systems engineering knowledge and capability of Yapı Merkezi to respond both to the complex challenges of major rail and road projects. 

Monitoring Control & Communication Systems / Projects

1. Development of an Interlocking System and interface units System (signal, switch motor, track circuit and axle counter) to provide safe control of train movements within the scope of a Railway Signal and  SIL 4 certification of these products (SIL 4 process is continuing). Project also includes Configuration, Test and Local Control Systems developed at SIL 2 level.

2. Development of  a Level Crossing Control system compatible with TCDD requirements and new regulation of the Transport Ministry, which can work autonomously (independent of Interlocking System) or as a part of the Interlocking System.

3. Development of a PLC based alarm (fire, heat, thief, dangerious gas etc. detection) system for IKZ, BTZ and AKH main line S&T projects.  The system have interfaces to signalling and SCADA systems used on these projects.

4. Development of a  FM radio in-tunnel repeater developed in conjunction with ABE Technology for Eurasia Tunnel project.

5. R&D project for integration of the Interlocking System ETCS Level 1 (Trackside Electronic Unit) and ETCS Level 2 & 3 (Radio Block Center) and developing techniques for wireless communication of Interlocking and field units by using new wireless communication standards. This project is supported by TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council under 1511 STRATEGIC AREAS TECHNOLOGIES RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION PROJECTS SUPPORT PROGRAM.

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