Building Happiness Is Our Happiness


 World Class in Post-Tensioning

Founded in 1988, with the consortium of Freyssinet, a company of Vinci Group and Yapı Merkezi, a leading company in Turkey, Freysaş is one of the leading experts in Turkey regarding the modern construction applications and manufacture of technological construction elements.

Operating in many countries in the World, Freysaş Freyssinet A.Ş. serves in the fields of bridges, cylindrical structures, large-span slabs, seismic protection studies, and manufacture of construction elements in Turkey and the Turkic Republics.

Freysaş experiences the pride of signing several mega projects that take place in Turkey in recent years, with the entire team.

  • Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge/ Stay Cable- Big Lift/ Heavy Lifting Operation
  • Vodafone Park Stadium Roof Design and Big Lift/ Heavy Lifting Operation
  • Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge/ Stay Cable- Post-Tensioning Installation
  • Approaching Viaducts of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge/ Incremental Launching ILM Technology Application within the Scope of Northern Marmara Highway Project
  • Installation of 827 Seismic Isolators within the Scope of Seismic Retrofitting of Maltepe Başıbüyük University Hospital
  • Antalya Çallı Bridge/ Stay Cable Application which is the First Extra Dose Bridge in Turkey
  • Application of In-Situ Casting/ Post-Tensioning Balanced Cantilever Projects of High-Speed Train Viaducts the Construction of which has been Completed within the Scope of Ankara/ Sivas Railway Project

Continuing the activities of Freyssinet Group (which operates in almost every country all over the world) in Turkey, Turkic Republics and neighbouring countries, Freysaş provides the junction point of structure and technology as the Company’s vision.  

Providing service with its unique know-how and experience on all the constructions where post-tensioning technology is used, Freysaş serves in the fields of bridges, cylindrical structures, large-span slabs, seismic protection studies, and manufacture of construction elements.

Up to the present, Freysaş has worked with the principle of 100% satisfaction and perfect service on every business signed in Turkey and neighbouring countries, it has always been open to continuous improvement to meet the mission of being the leading company of Turkey on the excellent application of advanced technology on constructions. Freysaş never forgets that the most important thing is the manpower. Thereby, in order to set its human resources and quality policies success-oriented, Freysaş believes the significance of construction technologies which adds value to life.

Freysaş will continue to improve its knowledge and experience for a more aesthetic world with the prioritization of building healthier constructions and a more prosperous future, and to use the power of Yapı Merkezi Group and Freyssinet to accomplish the better, forever.

Freysaş Contact

Acıbadem Mah. Sokullu Sok. Ziyaeddin Efendi Konağı No: 12 Acıbadem 34718 Kadıköy, İstanbul
T: +90 (216) 349 87 75
F: +90 (216) 349 63 75

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