Yapı Merkezi Idis

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Yapı Merkezi Idis

Founded in 2012, Yapı Merkezi İDİS (Monitoring Control & Communication Systems) Inc. leverages Yapı Merkezi’s strong expertise and the ability to deliver  innovative, cost-effective and award winning projects to the road and rail transportation industry.  

YM IDIS consolidates the depth and breadth of systems engineering knowledge and capability of Yapı Merkezi to respond both to the complex challenges of major rail and road projects. Our key business goals include:

  • Delivering safe, technologically advanced  and competitive products and solutions to our internal and external customers,
  • Being a preferred supplier by ensuring that each element of our system solutions is designed and integrated with maximum efficiency at an optimum cost.
  • Being a preferred employer by providing a motivating, exciting, healthy and safe working place.
  • Optimizing the environmental performance of the systems we deliver and the projects where we have a presence,

YM IDIS works with its sister companies and select technology  partners to jointly embrace the challenges brought about by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) transformations, strengthen Yapı Merkezi’s technological leadership in the transportation industry, and promote the development of the ICT and Control Systems Engineering applications in the market segments we operate and in the society at large.

Research and Development will always remain a business priority for YM İDİS. To this end, we are working in our technological centre at Technical University of Istanbul (Turkey) campus since the 3rd quarter of 2013 for developing next-generation low-cost rail signalling and control systems.

Yapı Merkezi Idis Contact

İTÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü Koru Yolu Arı Teknokent 3 Binası B-101-2 Sarıyer 34469 İstanbul
T: +90 (212) 999 06 97
F: +90 (212) 999 06 16
W: www.ymidis.com.tr

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