Earthquake Engineering

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Earthquake Engineering

Science into Construction

Since 1903, there are more than 130 earthquakes causing damages to our country. As a result of these earthquakes, we lost 110 thousand of our people.

In our country, a total of 600 billion dollars is invested as a physical capital and the total national richness is exceeded 3 trillion dollars. However, it should be remembered that 90% of this amount is under a very serious earthquake risk. In the last 100 years, on the average, every year, we lose 1% of our national income with the earthquakes. As an illustration, we lost 10-15% of our national income by Doğu Marmara (Mw=7.6) and Düzce (Mw=7.1) earthquakes in 40 seconds. In other words, if we could get over these earthquakes as in modern countries, our country would have doubled its current assets.

Istanbul and its close regions are under threat of the Marmara Sea’s active fault systems. In this region, because of the Marmara Sea’s fault system, 8 earthquakes with a magnitude more than 7 were happened in the 20th century. In the last 100 years, this fault is in seismic-silence and on the other hand, there are several cities who are expecting the earthquake risk in the global scale. And it is known that İstanbul is the most unprepared city against earthquakes. Today there is a strong opinion that the earthquake safety of city residential stoke is a common concern in Turkey, especially for İstanbul. All the investigations related to this subject also prove this concern and the importance of this concern is beyond the preliminary predictions.

The countries which can achieve to generate and apply knowledge can reduce the losses due to earthquakes to minimum levels. In these types of countries, researchers and engineers are conducting intense research and development (R&D) activities for reducing the geological risks (such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, foundation/rockmass movements, volcanic eruptions).

Continuous development of Turkey is depending on the reducing the natural disaster risks especially earthquakes. State agencies and private construction companies have very serious roles in order to achieve these targets. For these reasons, Yapı Merkezi is acting sensitively and responsibly and also producing studies related to earthquake engineering. These are summarized below:

  • One information sheet is prepared for each destructive earthquake (Mw≥5.5) based on investigations.
  • Sakarya Province Building which was restored after 1967 Akyazı earthquake by Yapi Merkezi was one of the undamaged structure during the 1999 Doğu Marmara earthquake (Seismic behavior of this structure was investigated in many research studies in the earthquake engineering area).
  • Yapı Merkezi has produced many earthquake resistive structural systems. One of these systems named Fab-Tek has long service life, safe and comfortable living opportunity and advantage of fast construction time. (Yapı Merkezi had obtained the 3rd position in TÜBİTAK-TTGV-TUSİAD’s Technology Award in 1999).
  • Yapı Merkezi has published more than 150 report, proceeding and articles on different subjects of earthquake engineering (structural systems, non destructive tests, determination of structural damage, seismic behavior, liquefaction, seismic analysis of tunnels).
  • Yapı Merkezi is involved in all events of Turkish Earthquake Foundation as a founding member.
  • A unique project which was about the preparation of possible Istanbul earthquake and combined in single management was developed by Dr. Ersin ARIOĞLU. This unique project includes definition of organizational model and financing needs.




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