Fab-Tek System

To Build Happiness Is Our Happiness

Fab-Tek System

From Happy Living Spaces to Prosperous and Creative Societies

Pre-engineered Technology and Aesthetics

Societies that can improve their quality of living achieve successful results in the path of civilization by steering their economies for the better and the more productive. The home is the starting point and the basis for living quality ... Therefore, the housing industry has a magical impact on the development of civilization. Developed with this understanding in mind, Yapı Merkezi presents the fab-tek® Building System to meet the growing demand for quality housing both in Turkey and in the world.

With advanced technology plus aesthetics, the fab-tek® Building System develops spaces that increase living quality by incorporating effective pre-engineering and innovative architectural solutions. fab-tek® Building System facilitates fast and affordable projects which can satisfy expectations on a broad range with high standards. The fab-tek® System is based on high-strength concrete technology developed in the course of Yapı Merkezi’s half a century accumulation of knowledge and expertise.

The components of the fab-tek® System are produced with precise measurements and under strict quality control at Yapı Merkezi’s production facilities, then tested and certified according to international standards,. The main structural components of the fab-tek® System are interlocking mortarless concrete masonry blocks and pre-stressed concrete hollow core panels. Load bearing reinforced masonry walls are constructed utilizing concrete masonry units. Thanks to the inter-locking design of the blocks, flawless masonry work can be carried out without the use of mortar.  After the placement of reinforcement against horizontal and vertical loads, custom-designed fluid concrete is poured to fill the voids of the concrete blocks.

Floors are formed utilizing pre-stressed concrete hollow concrete panels.  The floor panels and load bearing reinforced masonry walls are structurally connected with vertical and horizontal reinforcement and steel mesh is placed in the topping concrete.  Thus the whole load bearing system is joined to act as one stable and strong envelope. 

Pre-Engineered fab-tek® System standardizes the entire building process and all materials; and building components are industrially manufactured in production plants, then assembled on site, thus significantly reducing the project duration without any defects.

In the fab-tek® System, through pre-engineering and pre-design, quality of the building components transform into excellence in the completed building.

In 1999 Yapı Merkezi was the one of the company that applied the TÜBİTAK-TTGV-TÜSİAD Technology Grand Award and amongst the 6 companies which passed the pre-elimination. fab-tek® system valued as a finalist by Technology Award Executive Board.

fab-tek® Building Technology provides effective earthquake protection. The backbone of the system is made of a reinforced masonry wall system built with Yapıblok concrete block units. The reinforced masonry wall system is built by placing reinforcement in the voids of the concrete blocks. These voids are then filled with high strength workable concrete providing the system with strength levels comparable to that of concrete shear walls.

In summary, fab-tek® provides a rigid load bearing system, similar to that of a reinforced concrete shear wall but resistant to twice the earthquake load level of an ordinary concrete shear wall.

From happy living spaces to prosperous and creative societies.

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