YM Is the 143th Largest Contractor in the World

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YM Is the 143th Largest Contractor in the World

2012 list of Engineering News Record (ENR), an international magazine in the construction industry has been released. The list is compiled by considering business volumes of companies generated outside their countries.

According to the research to identify the largest top 225 international contractors of the world, the number of Turkish companies that entered this year's list rose from 31 to 33.

Our company accomplished the first metro of the Middle East and the longest metro line in the world that was constructed outright in 75 km in Dubai in 2009, won the “2010 Best Tramway System Project in the World” with the rail system constructed in Kayseri, acquired the work of Rehabilitation and Signalization of Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Line that meets 25% of land transportation in our country and was recently and often mentioned with the project in Ethiopia worth of 1.7 billion $ became 143rd in the list and the 14th company among 33 Turkish companies.

The top 225 contractors in the overseas contracting services obtained revenue of 452 billion and 898.9 million dollars in total in 2011 with an increase of 18% compared to previous year’s figures. China ranked first in the overseas contracting revenues with 62.7 billion dollars and 13.8% share, and was followed by Spain with 60.2 billion dollars revenue and 13.3 % share, and USA with 57.9 billion dollars revenue and 12.8% share.

In the said period overseas contracting of China increased by 9%, of Spain by 70.2% and of the USA by 29.1% compared to the previous period.

In that period, Turkey increased its overseas contracting revenues by 9% and reached 15 billion 901.8 million dollars and dropped one place in the list to 10th. Turkey took a share of 3.5% in total market with this revenue.

Israel is the country to have experienced the biggest loses in the overseas contracting services in 2011 and raised 200.3 million dollars of revenue in said period.  Israel was followed by Saudi Arabia with a 62.7% decrement of revenue. Overseas contracting services revenue of the country dropped down to 242.6 million dollars.

Thailand and Malaysia which were in the list of overseas contracting revenues in the previous period could not enter into the list in 2011 and Serbia was once again in the list following a one year gap.

With 33 companies, following China, Turkey was the second country in the world list in terms of number of companies and left the USA, Italy, Japan, Spain and Germany behind.

YM Is the 143th Largest Contractor in the World
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