Ankara-Konya High Speed Railway

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Ankara-Konya High Speed Railway

Ankara – Konya High speed Railway which was started with the impetus gained from the sage Mevlana’s call “Come with love” by Yapı Merkezi in July 2009 and came into service in August 2011 which is considered as a world record time. In the scope of this project, it was planned to decrease the travel time between Ankara and Konya from 10,5 hours to 1 hour 15 minutes and also it was planned to solve the intercity transportation problems permanently and provide comfortable, contemporary, fast and economic transportation to passengers.

During the Project with solidarity of Yapı Merkezi employees, unprecedented pace of work was achieved not only in Turkey but also abroad. Everyday approximately 1 km of single trackway was installed and thousands of supplies processed. On occasion daily track installation speed increased up to 3 km. The project was completed so fast that it took the title of “World’s quickest constructed high-speed railway”. Also compared to the other high speed railway projects, Ankara-Konya High Speed Railway is world’s most economic project.


Ankara-Konya High Speed Railway

Scope of the works

All works pertaining to design, manufacture, assembly, and operation startup of Track Superstructure, Electrification, signaling, telecommunication, central control systems, and the trainig of the employer’s personnel are being carried out by Yapı Merkezi.

  • Track superstructure (sub-ballast and ballast layers, sleepers, rail, turnouts, etc.) construction and commissioning works
  • Electrification systems (transformer stations, overhead line-catenary system, scada system) design, supply, installation and commissioning works
  • Signaling system design, supply, installation and commissioning works
  • Telecommunication systems (gsm-r system, transmission system, fiber optic and communication cable network, phone-announce-information systems) design, supply, installation and commissioning works
  • Training of the employer's personnel

    Brief Summary of the Project 

8.000     Sheets of design
3.3         million tons Ballast
240.000 ton sleepers
40.000   ton Cable Duct 
60.000   ton Rail
8.000     Catenery Poles
5.000     km Cable
21          Technical Buildings
4            Electrical Transformer Stations and Control Center


Ankara-Konya HSR Brochure
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